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Once upon a time, there lived two sisters.
One was called Light, and the other Dark.
Dark liked everything black, shiny and fancy.
Light liked everything white, sincere and heartfelt.

Dark wanted to buy the world, so she became a career woman.
Light wanted to help others, so she joined the charity.
When Light was working in the charity, Dark would sabotage her efforts. Dark would steal Light’s clothes, food and funds that she had gathered for the poor.

Light found out that Dark had stolen, not once, but on many occasions, so she asked Dark why did she do it when she has all she needed.

Dark simply said, she wanted more.

Light realised there is no end to Dark’s greed.

Eventually Light killed Dark so she can take back all that she stole so she can finally donate them rightfully to charity.

Light lived happily ever after acquiring and donating all she earned.


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Once you told me a story about a girl, her name was perfect ten.

She had a super model body, perfect academic scores, talented in the arts, and everything that you wanted in a girl.

She could get any job she wanted, her interviews were 10/10, there was nothing she failed in, even her family was well to do.

You fell in love with her so deep, yes you did, you compared all girls to her, and nothing was better then perfect ten.

Never did you know she had the ugliest personality of a witch and she cursed all around her, each day, she grew more powerful as she sucked the money and youth of men around her, absorbing all of whatever she could leech on from others to make her more beautiful, younger and richer.

She even had a daughter, whom she killed so that no one will know her real age.

That is the story of perfect ten, and yes, she is still alive hunting for fresh blood.

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No matter the future may be
Our souls are linked forever
It was just like we met yesterday
Our memories are locked in that moment
Nothing, can take that away from us.

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Are there closures to roads that go in and out of our hearts?

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The ancient chinese scholars believed in accomplishment in the four arts: calligraphy, drawing, music and strategy. In the west, the renaissance man was the ideal: to merge the world of arts and sciences together.

In the modern world, we are so focused on specialization of skills that we do not develop our full talents/abilities and might never unlock our full potential.

In every field, learn from the best, merge your awareness and heighten your consciousness to release the creative drive… waiting desperately to be unleash.

Pick up that old instrument, pick up a new language, or dance, keep learning, it might seem redundant at first, but keep exploring and experimenting, then only you can find yourself and help others.

Only time is the greatest enemy.

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Its been a long time since I wrote on this virtual wall.
Or done any Scarlet Queen videos.
Or penned any poetry
Or just write for the sake of writing.

I wish I could find some answers
I am a little lost at the moment
A confused circle of circus

Sometimes I wish I can express myself more freely
After all, its one of the fundamental human liberties to do so.
If I was living in a time, like the age of enlightenment
I would aspire to be a philosopher, probably an erotic one.
No, I was joking. A better word, would be to be a controversial philosopher.

I am lost because I had found my prince
But I am unsure of what to do in the future
I am lost because I have not closed my past

If there is even closure to begin with
Maybe, life doesn’t give any closures
It just keeps moving, there is no end to things
that happen, or happened, or has happened.

Insomnia nights, nights that the lights don’t go off
Even after turning off the lights, they come on again
as bright as the headlights of your car in my mind
They are the nights that consume, that questions, that asks
If there is a validity of existence, if there is any salvation if there is any

I am just disappointed.
Disappointed with life
Disappointed with what I had done
Disappointed with some people
Disappointed, at not being enough.

I am disappointed, despondent, and down.

It will be some time before I pick up where I had left off.

Once I find that peace, I might move on from here.
For now, I am in the woods.
Hoping to be found.

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If anyone tells you fairy tales do not exist
Do not believe in their lost minds.
Believe in creating your own fairy tale
Take control of your life and live in your happy ending.

I am so happy to have found you.
Vincent Knight — *feeling loved and treasured.

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I tried to reach for you behind the veil in my dreams, as you fell deeper away into the abyss. I wake up to look into the mirror, only to see a template looking back at me. I couldn’t tell who is alive or dead, or maybe a part of me died that night you left this world, maybe there is another world out there.

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We are all trying to find our fairy tale sweet endings, we are searching for the one that will make it come true, we are dreaming that we will find that happiness.

The forces of capitalism rides on aspirations on what we want to be but can’t be, it promises fairy tales with sweet endings as long one signs on the dotted line, it creates an economy out of romance, a factory line production of rainbows and happy endings that delude those who are lost in commercialization of it all.

Whats the point of holding a wedding ceremony, when love is waiting for us patiently, encouraging us, offering that arm, encasing us from harm.

That’s all it is, isn’t it?