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Contemporary Haiku

Contemporary Haiku

Contemporary HaikuIf you liked Chuck Palahniuk’s anti establishment Haiku in Fight Club, you will definitely love Tara’s usage of Haiku style poetry with her stance on anti corporatism, transcendent love and the meaning of existence that are highly relatable in our everyday lives with this contemporary western interpretation. This compilation contains 200 haiku in 80 pages.

A short but meaningful read that will leave you thinking for days.I have to admit, although I am Asian, I am not a fan of old fashioned Haiku, nature and flowers put me to sleep.

But Tara had managed to captivate my imagination with her usage of strong imagery in communicating sentiments and fragments of time using illustrations from our chaotic modern day lives (working in a day job, taxi, drinks, psychosis).

We all have done that and been there! She magically infuses her contemporary dance moves to into the strict confines of 5-7-5 of the traditional geisha dance.

Here are some verses that I liked… (some made me smile).

submission demanded by
the corporate cocks”

“passion is not meant
for indentured servitude
i said . . . but they laughed”

And more!!

What are you waiting for? Get your copy on Amazon now.. it’s almost free.

(Tara is my editor for the Red Hourglass, and she had recently published a haiku poetry ebook on Amazon. This is my honest review.)

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Over commitment.

Would be the best words to describe my current state.

Is having three calenders living out different identities normal?

Humans have many different levels of needs, maybe I am experiencing and fulfilling them all in different ways to serve my ego. The self actualisation need is why I continue writing on this virtual blog space. The sense to reorganize and re-control what is the foundational core of my base personality.

On my butterfly wings, are the many projects I concurrently run simultaneously. Not alone of course, I have to engage the help of vendors, supporting cast, to get the acts together to near the projects completion. My mind, is an architect mind indeed. I don’t know how to describe it but in my visions I am creating new realities like no other, in my dreams, in my visions in the things I do, each day, I try to bring it forth to reality.

That is the ultimate creator mode that I aspire to achieve but sometimes I fall and don’t get my bearings right, and everything clutters up like squeeze balls. Too much traveling has became detrimental to my organizational skills, I need to slow down on my wanderlust aspect.

Knowing I have people dependent on my performance, and consumers waiting to buy my creations keep me going. But sometimes I feel time is running faster than I can run against it. I try to do everything I can really fast, and outsource everything I can possibly outsource. But sometimes when it comes down to it, I have to do the most important, crucial tasks. And the responsibility gear shifts to gear four. It gets very stressful when the bottom line hits, and everything is all about results.

The results, is usually calculated by numbers. How many people are viewing, subscribing, consuming, buying. How many clients are satisfied. How many viewers are dreaming about your creations. The overall impact of the artist architect creations is the sum of how successful he has achieved his aim.

turningpro_bookIn reality, I would like more monetary resources to get more acts come together. For example, I envision filming a full length movie about The Scarlet Queen. I also envision a team working behind my Red Hourglass series. At the same time, I still do consultancy work. I enjoy it. no doubt. Maybe my mind is just meant to run on multiple tracks, and not one track.

Maybe I am finally living out my fullest potienial.

And instead of living the shadow life, I am living the professional life.

Turning Pro. Best book ever on finding one’s calling. I highly recommend it.





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Sometimes waking up completely hating myself, in this self sabotage mess. They say the artist and architect are one and the same. The addict and artist, they are paradoxes. I am addicted to my emotions, but sometimes they do not serve me. They go haywire and threaten to undo all that is done. It drives my thoughts wild with illogical faculties.

Maybe I am just pushing myself too hard.
Or the traveling is starting to cause my fatigue.
Maybe I am doing too much in a short span of time.

I can feel my aliveness and deadness at the same time, my push and pull. My swings. They consume and eat me. I am a fcked switch. Light or darkness, I don’t know. They are eating eating eating, working working working, fcking fcking fcking. They are driving me mad!

Hong Kong is increasingly making me moody except for the fact that Milk Tea exists. I hate Hong Kong. I gota admit it’s not the best place for an introvert. No space, stuffy rooms, locked windows. Screaming kids, blaring advertisements. Snacks, consume, Buy, advertisements, MORE. Spend it all.

Get me out of here. I need some oxygen, I need to feel inspiration. The creativity, the life. It is all missing. I am being suffocated by fifty stories high buildings on all directions. The skies are not lighted by stars but golden windows. Those golden windows, eating up the earth resources.

But time kills, and time erases… time… is the real enemy.

Our time is running out.

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I predict that Google Plus will take over Facebook and Twitter in the next five years. The reasons are simple, Google has managed to integrate YouTube into Google +. They also have Google Apps for Entreprises. Most users have migrated over to gmail.

Facebook is getting too incestuous for my liking, too personal. The updates that appear on the front page are always the same old people that I like and follow the most. But the content is hardly new, and quickly gets dull. There is only so much pictures of food you can see your friend selfie with before you want click the “unfollow” button, worse off… UNFRIEND!

The great thing about Google + is that it allows you to maintain that distance and yet associate with others at the same time. The initial launch of Google + was a failure. But over time, from user feedback and improvements, I can see the changes taking place.

Now, I receive notifications on comments on my YouTube channel,  and furthermore I receive notifications on comments I make on other people’s channel. This effectively replaces forums. The good old days of static forum boards are going to be long over. The social interaction of YouTube and Google + is pretty darn powerful I must say. Google is keen on taking over the human minds through it’s subtle uses of human feedback loop psychology.

YouTube auto announces to Google + and Facebook once a video is uploaded, effectively engaging fans in an instant. Such power. I wonder how enterprises will keep up with these technological changes, which being implemented faster than we can actually learn them.

For now, I am quite content to stay on Google suite of services. I also found Google Keep very useful for keeping multiple to do list on the go with my laptop and phone. The Google Inbox looks like an internal facebook on email right now. Google only keeps getting better.

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To go towards the light.
To hope once again.
To have a happy ever after.

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Mask my skin with your words
Till I am no longer human
But a cocoon of your desires

My metamorphosis is
incomplete without that
painted wings I can’t fly

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You are Averral, a wonderful, artistic, passionate, beautiful poet and a young woman who is making her way in the world.

Dream in the warmth of my arms.
Dream of our dance under the stars.
Dream in the safety of my heart.
Nothing will tear is apart.
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You name is what is left on every part of my naked skin in red ink.

When I wake up, I see nothing but your name all over my arms and legs.
I will be constantly reminded that I belong to no one but you.

It’s beautiful isn’t it. Your name, all over my flesh. Like a mask, it conceals my flesh in body art. The intricate cravings of the letters of your name on my flesh. In my ultimate submission towards you and only you.

In the mirror,

there is no me.
There is only you.
The true Master.

The Master of my desires.
I screamed your name in my dreams.
Take me, into your dark paradise.
Don’t turn back.
Just take me under your cape and let me serve
Under your soles
Tear my soul apart with your unrealistic demands
Take me as your captive
Mutilate me with your name

I am yours Master. I am yours Master. I am yours Master. I am yours Master.

Over my useless body…


Tattoo my skin in red and tear my soul apart.
I am only yours in your cage of freedom.

Why do I feel alive when you chastise me with that mixture of hate and love? That pity and admiration. That twisted look in your eyes.

I can’t help but fall deeper into you…

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A self pitying crap I am
Fucked up in the head
I am nothing but nothing
Sometimes I sing a song
To the vast ocean

No one hears it.

I am blinded by my own delusions
I want to touch the stars
But I fall hard onto reality

I am nothing but nothing.