Love Season

There is no such thing as “success”. It is the biggest lie of capitalism. There are the cracks, the broken homes and broken bones. Behind each facade is a trial of bloodshed.

Thousands are trying, trying and trying against the gravity of the black hole. The media propagating, feeding, stuffing. A murder or sucide, it’s all fine. Smile. Take a selfie. Snap. Make it viral.

It’s love season. Flashing symbols of neon hearts. Women dancing, cooing you towards her. Dam. Drink more whiskey, more. Put that wallet on the table. See it disappear.

There is poetry in motion. The soft lullaby that tugs your strings, that soft lips that you miss so dearly. No. It’s not. It’s me. It’s me that you miss, of course. I have to remind you ever so dearly, you are missed too.

– Risque

Risque and Her Bandaged Wrists – Day 22 24 26

I have recurring pain on both my wrists due to rheumatism. On the day I had to be Risque, I went for Chinese acupuncture.

The experience was terrifying.

The Sensei (chinese doctor) inserted needles into both my wrists and veins in my arms. The part when she inserted the needles into my veins were the most painful. I screamed in pain a few times, it was the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced in my life. I almost teared. Nothing beats the pain of having needles stuck into veins. Using some techniques I learnt in NLP (neurolinguistic reprogramming) to deal with the pain, I imagined being on the shoulder of a White Knight while she stuck those needles into my arms. It was that moment, I finally understood the meaning of pleasure and pain. Haha. I thought I knew it all along, but having to deal with needles, electric currents and veins.. gave a new dimension of pain itself. The impact was cushioned when I imagined I was on the beach… hearing the sound of waves while lying on the shoulder of someone who genuinely cares for me, this is pleasure for me in its purest form.

My dad was very upset that I had to go through this pain. He said he will bring me back for weekly acupuncture sessions till the pain is gone. Which I hope, and I am glad I have such a supportive dad. After the acupuncture, I had to film Risque episodes.

You know… Episode 22, 24 and 26 for Risque were the hardest for me. With both wrists bandaged, and the feel of extreme pain… internally and externally… plus the psychological mindset of being a sick twisted psychotic villain… wow. I can’t believe I did her scenes. I don’t think I had laughed so much in my life from genuine pain in my heart. When I am in pain, I either laugh or cry… crying results in screaming… laughing… results in insanity.

After filming her episodes, I spent the next two days mostly sleeping the pain away. Of course, I had a ready supply of chocolates, panadol and drank coffee like no tomorrow. These are the only three healthy ways I can numb the pain without having to resort to harmful drugs or other high risk activities. If I had a choice, I would choose a hug. A real hug, from a friend, a stranger, whoever. I just need a hug. It is the best cure for my soul.

I am feeling better today, because the pain has subsided, I am still wearing my wrist guards, but I am cutting down on coffee and chocolates because I think I did gain weight over the sleep-eat-pain period. I am well now, and I hope to resume to dance. I just have to remember to avoid cold drinks, cold weather and cold people.

I felt the pain when laughing

This is probably the most explicit scene for Risque

Risque – Scars of Love (Indepth Review)

Mistress Risque reveals the truth about the scar on her arm, in her version of the story. Did you really think Cheryl got raped?

. . .

In Risque’s version of the story, she reveals that it was the Dark Knight who made the scar on her arm after a night of a rendezvous passionate love affair. By using her own fingers to mimic the events that happened, it is quite believable that the scar is created by our strongest finger on our hand – the middle finger.

Whose version of the story do you believe in now? Cheryl’s or Risque?

Risque: “Who do you think was the man behind the mask, that resulted in the scar?”

In Depth Analysis into The Scar of The Scarlet Queen

In psychological terms, when a traumatic event happens, like a murder, rape or death, witnesses are called to the police station to give a report. The same event is interpreted differently each of the witnesses. One might say, the man was black, the other, might say the man was wearing a mask, or the man is black and wearing a mask.

This is how our brain deals with trauma. We do not recall the events fully, and we will never be able to get the full picture. The Cheryl that you see in this series, suffers from trauma. Hence her recurring nightmares of a “phantom” and the events that haunt her at night – the line for her has crossed to what is imaginary or real, or is it imaginary real?

Risque licking the scar on her arm

Interestingly, Risque seems confident and does not show any signs of trauma, she, instead, interprets the event as her lover, The Dark Knight who made the mark. She starts by saying “the real story of what happened…” which is interesting, because she seems in control in the situation, unlike Cheryl.

What do you think? Do you believe in Cheryl or Risque version of the story?

Goddess Risque – TSQ 14

Goddess Risque talks about her views on women. A woman has to be stronger than her man, like the game of chess, the queen protects her king. The true power of a woman lies in her femininity, all she has to do is to listen to her heart to release the Goddess within.

Risque The Office Dominatrix – Proposal

Risque, the Director of The Scarlet Entreprises makes a business proposal to The Dark Knight. She talks about how she likes people at the top and will crush anyone in the bottom to get her way.

Risque Business Proposal Risque: “I will fucking crush you if you are a weak minion, bitch.”

Question: Are you a Risque at work? You are hot!
Me: Erm…. I could be if I want to, but I am not exactly power hungry. I prefer to get things done at the bottom line. I do have a score on the High D on the Dominance scale of DISC Profiling. I do have a natural inclination for leadership positions. Unlike Risque, I am rather welfare orientated and good natured (like a mummy). My colleagues can testify for this! I had never crushed anyone at work! I swear.

In reflection of the character Risque, she is someone you would see in the Devil wears Prada, or a supercharged high powered executive woman in the work place. Most women are afraid to play their part to be “dominant” in the workplace, as it is traditionally male dominated, while women are like submissive secretaries. There are some things that women can learn from Risque, on how to be an assertive confident woman who will take action to get things done.

In this video, the author of The Corporate Dominatrix gives some tips to women in the workplace who would find role playing easier to climb up the corporate ladder, especially when they want to go to the top…