The State of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

Whatsapp and facebook is likely now sharing the same database. As long a person carries a smart phone, location and data is tracked by GPS. The information updated onto facebook, gmail or any provider is linked. Our web browsing history is also tracked by google. Hence in this interconnected world of almost no privacy, and all movements can be tracked. Our thoughts are now stored in a shared global consciousness when we update our status. In this world of Web 2.0 we experience the inter-connectivity state of convergence.
I believe in Web 3.0, virtual reality will overlap with physical reality (starting with pokemon go and google glasses) and that will be the future the next twenty years. Not only virtual reality convergence will take place, but physical reality convergence will enable us to read thoughts of other people minds without them saying a word. But by them thinking of a sentence, the thought will appear on a feed which feeds to our brains. The immortalising of global consciousness into the cloud will propel the next frontier of human knowledge. Google is now a library of knowledge database, but the next frontier would be to direct Google into our heads like the matrix.
I am really excited at the possibility of downloading information into our memory into shared memories, and the prospect of uniting humans into one world of shared inter-connectivity to end all suffering and wars.

Google Plus Predictions

I predict that Google Plus will take over Facebook and Twitter in the next five years. The reasons are simple, Google has managed to integrate YouTube into Google +. They also have Google Apps for Entreprises. Most users have migrated over to gmail.

Facebook is getting too incestuous for my liking, too personal. The updates that appear on the front page are always the same old people that I like and follow the most. But the content is hardly new, and quickly gets dull. There is only so much pictures of food you can see your friend selfie with before you want click the “unfollow” button, worse off… UNFRIEND!

The great thing about Google + is that it allows you to maintain that distance and yet associate with others at the same time. The initial launch of Google + was a failure. But over time, from user feedback and improvements, I can see the changes taking place.

Now, I receive notifications on comments on my YouTube channel,  and furthermore I receive notifications on comments I make on other people’s channel. This effectively replaces forums. The good old days of static forum boards are going to be long over. The social interaction of YouTube and Google + is pretty darn powerful I must say. Google is keen on taking over the human minds through it’s subtle uses of human feedback loop psychology.

YouTube auto announces to Google + and Facebook once a video is uploaded, effectively engaging fans in an instant. Such power. I wonder how enterprises will keep up with these technological changes, which being implemented faster than we can actually learn them.

For now, I am quite content to stay on Google suite of services. I also found Google Keep very useful for keeping multiple to do list on the go with my laptop and phone. The Google Inbox looks like an internal facebook on email right now. Google only keeps getting better.