I am feeling very sad, not at myself, but at others.

It saddens me to know that there are people out there who don’t really care about others.

In my life, I do care about the people around me. I take actions to benefit the greater community, especially when I see that something can be so easily avoided but nothing is done.

It saddens me to see the poor struggling to meet ends meet when the rich are splurging endlessly on luxury goods.

It saddens me to hear the stories of rape, abuse, and neglect. Every human being deserves to be loved.

It saddens me to hear the cries of an abandoned child, born out of the wedlock or abortion. They had a chance to come to this earth to experience its beauty, but to be thrown away before they were given the opportunity.

It saddens me to meet people who are not true to themselves, they have developed a false good personality to conceal their evil one. All they do is to conceal their acts of evil in acts of kindness.

It saddens me to know that people are exploiting Earth for her resources, by drilling into her body. Mother earth is suffering, do you hear her cries? I do, it burns a hole in my heart.

It saddens me to see how people try to fill their emptiness with materialism and superficiality. At the end of the day, they are still empty inside no matter how much they have on the outside.

One day, mother earth tears will wash across the earth in waves, cleansing and purifying everything that is in it. Many of us will be washed by the waves, back into the soil, to be reborn into the new earth. Till then, I will do the best of my ability to protect her.

I love you, everyone of you souls out there.

You are loved.

What I Am

“I am an illusion, an imagination gone wild”

I can’t tell you the answer, because there are many sides of me. Including the sides I don’t know of. If you look closely at the Johari Window, you will realise that everything based on what we think of ourselves is perception – and other people’s perception.

To prevent ourselves from going insane with multi facet personalities, we tend to stick to one most of the time – which is the side we show to others. It does not necessary mean that what we show to others is what we are – because most of the time we are blending in with the crowd. It is a human defence mechanism, our ego will stablise our subconsciousness and consciousness to represent who we are to the world based on what we think we are.

After understanding these mechanisms at work (look up on human psychology if you would like to understand more), I realise that I am not who I am. I am something else, beyond my perception and your imagination. I am in fact, the master of my destiny. After all, we are all souls, we are no different from each other. When we come to this earth the society places labels on us depending on our age, gender, social class and so on. However, we do not realise the fact that we are all equal.

“A man needs a reflection of a woman to understand what love means.”

When we reincarnate on earth, we are split into two genders, man or woman. The world needs duality. There is duality in everything we see – good and evil, charity and greed, love and lust. But we come from the same source, the infinite source. We are all godlike in our own ways, in fact, i dare say we are all gods. However, as earth is a hologram,  we fail to see our true appearances.

Depending on the vibrations we give out, we can become closer or further away from god. Its like tuning into a radio station, you can choose to tune to the classical music station or rock station. Depending on our choice, we can tune in into different frequencies of the earth.

After upon realisation, the veil was lifted off my eyes. I could see the world clearly now, all the souls on it, all the living trees and animals – they are all alive. I could see the ugliness in the soul- filled with greed, possessiveness, envy, gluttony; their physical appearances does not deceive me. The leaders, ruling the populace with fear, will be overthrown and taken over by a genuine representative governance filled with love for the earth.