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Lady Gaga “Marry The Night” Intepretation

A personal intepretation of Lady Gaga’s video “marry the night” which explores her inner psyche on why she wanted to become a star as “she had nothing else to lose”, before pouring cheezos and dying her hair blonde while nude in a bathtub.

This video is done with a macbook webcam, photo booth, and iMovie, a very random interpretation by me really (a one lady show (or rather, a solely Averal production). This is a tribute to her journey.


Lady Gaga – Marry The Night

I’m gonna marry the night
I won’t give up on my life
I’m a warrior queen
Live passionately tonight

In this song, Marry the Night – means independence and freedom from everything… no strings attached, just living passionately for life and what it has to offer for the moment.

I’m gonna marry the dark
Gonna make love to the stark
I’m a soldier to my own emptiness
I am a winner

I’m gonna lace up my boots
Throw on some leather and cruise
Down the streets that I love
In my fishnet gloves
I’m a sinner

This paragraph might seem that she is becoming a prostitute walking on the streets in leather and fishnet gloves and such, but it is the direct opposite, it means she is regaining her independence and femininity as a woman to freely express her individuality and who she is, despite what social norms and conventions might think.

Then I’ll go down to the bar
But I won’t cry anymore
I hold my whiskey up high
Kiss the bartender twice
I’m a loser

Nothing’s too cruel
To take me from you
New York is not just a tan that you’ll never lose
Love is the new denim or black
Skeleton guns or wedding bells in the attic
Get Ginger ready cos I’m coming up front
Won’t poke holes in the seat with my heels cos that’s
Where we make love

Another assertion of independence to make love to whoever she wants freely. She is a total woman in control of her sexuality and her independence. It might seem masculine, but whats wrong with being a sinner when it is a woman’s right to be one anyway? It is a modern western concept that woman can make love to whoever she wants freely without attachment.

I’m gonna marry the night
I’m gonna burn a hole in the road
I’m gonna marry the night
Leave nothing on these streets to explore

Lyrics from Lady Gaga – Marry The Night.