Once, a student asked “How do we paint an orange, as orange?”. Our art teacher replied, “When light filters through our eyes, we will perceive the colour, orange, differently. It is impossible to paint orange, as orange, some will paint it darker, some lighter, or more red, or more yellowish. It is the reflection of the world we live in” ~ Chan Kerk

Picture of my painting and I taken at Arteastiq, Mandarin Gallery

A Tough Dilemma

If i choose to do fine art painting, it means, more resources are channeled into buying art supplies and school fees.

That means, less shopping, hanging out and socialising.

A tough decision I have been taking recently.

A tube of paint cost $5, I use an average of 3 tubes per painting, a canvas cost $20. I do preliminary sketches as well. An average, I spend $50 on the cost of production of a painting.

I paint an average of one painting a week.

You get the figure.

I am a dead broke artist right now.


A Heart is an outer shell of protection from feeling


My First Painting / Sketches

hard heart

Experimenting around with willow charcoal to sketch a three dimensional heart

goddess painting rising out of the sun

My very first acylic painting. I did it on a drawing block, huge mistake.

Introduction painting class at my art space. We were asked to only use blue to paint still life. The banana was exceptionally hard. We had to get the tone and shadows right. Overall, I think that it still needs alot of work.

optical illusion sketch

A sketch of an optical illusion I am working on. It is pretty difficult as it is hand drawn. I am trying to coordinate the colours but somehow it still looks kind of weird so I am still experimenting around with this. Most likely I will paint it on a huge canvas in time to come.