The Scarlet Throne Trilogy

As part of my historical research into European and Chinese history for my upcoming trilogy, I am rather fascinated with Wallis Simpson, a divorced American woman who captured the heart of King Edward. He abdicated the British throne to marry her. Another period I am researching on is the last empress of China – Cixi, who rose from the lowly ranks of being one of the many concubines to reigning empress.
But contextually I am still lacking the sensory experience of being in a great empire, and I hope when I travel to Rome and spend an extended time there, I can capture the grandeur of the beginning of a human civilisation.
I think this project is rather ambitious as it combines many time historical periods to create a post modern fantasy. It could be categorized as my thesis on post modern feminism, the current state of the world (nuclear threat and artificial intelligence), and the globalised level playing field and intermixing of cultures. It probably it would be my magnum opus (if I ever complete this series).
No idea why I am still not working on this ambitious three novel project that will take six years to complete, but I am excited to embark on it soon once my current quest of filming my own short film is complete.