Disappearing Into Humanity


The greatest act of love is to give yourself to humanity for a new reality to arise. That by giving yourself to humanity is the greatest act of disappearing. When there is no more you, your consciousness will live on in the universe. Once your consciousness lives on, it will forever be part of humanity. Writing is a direct access to this power of universal consciousness, for every word we write is immortalised. For this, I chose to give myself to being an author of worlds till the end of my time.

I accept the way things are, and the way things aren’t. By accepting and not resisting against the currents, I am free to flow with the galaxy and cosmos of light. I am disappearing myself into the cosmos. Standing from a blank space of nothingness, and emptiness, I am free to create. I got how insignificant of a human being I am, a speck of dust in the grand scheme of the ever expanding universe. As I write, new universes are being created, the universe is continuously expanding and there is no human comprehension on how magnificent the universe is.

In my disappearance into the galaxy, I am at one with the flow of the cosmos. I am swimming in the cosmos, creating with my magic wand by consideration. New realities arise as I speak. My words create worlds. I love you. This is my commitment to you till the end of my time. Love can exist beyond time distance and form, there is no physicality, it is just what it is. There is nothing to prove, nothing to hide. It is just there. We are magical when we create each other, and a love that contributes all over is love that impacts the world at large. There is no better way to impact the world than to be who we are as our word for the world, and for each other.

Choices: Red or Blue Pill

In the film, the main character, Neo, is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill. The red pill would allow him to escape from the Matrix and into the real world, therefore living the “truth of reality” even though it is a harsher, more difficult life; the blue pill would lead him to staying in the Matrix, living in a pretend comfortable world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_pill_and_blue_pill

As it is with choices, we pretend that we have the best of all worlds, when in fact at any one point of time, there is a continuous choosing of what we want our life to be. At each point of time, we are given choices, but we make decisions by killing off reasons. Decisions are not choices. A choice is a freedom to choose based on a future possibility that would unfold in the future. Making a decision based on past based reasons that we arrive at a making a decision.

Choices are powerful.

Decisions are destructive.

It is either one takes the red or blue pill, at any point in time. It is not possible to take both pills. It is not possible to be forced to take a pill. It is a choosing that one chooses one option over the other based on the future possibility that could unfold. Inauthentic fears and reasons that hold us back from making choices to arrive at decisions. It is most often the case when we commit to something by choosing it powerfully. However, we end the commitment to the very thing we chose by making a decision based on past reasons. However, it is powerful to arrive at a choice to start, and a choice to end the matter started.

For example, when starting a new job, one chooses the job. But in ending the contract, one decides to end the contract based on reasons, “not suited for the job etc.” However, it is powerful to end a commitment by choosing to end the job contract based on a choice instead of a reason. The freedom of choice allows us to be freed up of resentment and anger or bitterness to the very thing we chose at the onset. The moment we choose to end a commitment, based on our choice to end, there is lightness and freedom to create new possibilities. If we detest the ending, it traps us in a vicious cycle of reasons and justifications that hold us back into the past, and we are unable to move forward without dragging the past into the future.

To start from a clean blank state requires courage in choosing.

Black or white.

Red pill or blue pill.

Yes or no.

100% or 0%.

Whole and complete.


Inception Ending Conclusion

It does not matter if we are in a dream or reality. Even the reality we live in could be a hologram. Or we could be in a dream, dreaming of reality itself. Reality and dreams are both constituted by us, and we are the architect of both worlds. We can create worlds in any form or space. The human imagination is how we create life to be. The moment we give in to our fears it destroys our creations (Mal). The moment we believe and trust in others and their belief in us, it brings out something bigger than ourselves than our limited construct of what we think it is (inauthentic unreal fears that sabotages our creations).

From analyzing inception I tried to take actions to end the night terrors. I took three actions – call three friends and tell share with them about my inauthentic fears of death and of an apocalypse that will wipe out the world. Before I slept, I called my mum and dad and listened to them for who they are and what they are doing in life. I finally had a beautiful dream.
In this beautiful dream, I am with my family and we are in a park. I was a child running around freely. They are laughing and smiling. My grandparents appeared in the foreground. My grandfather picked me up and said, “Ting, you are beautiful. You will do the family proud.” The dream goes fast forward. I am now in front of a world stage and speaking to an audience about a world government. From this construct radiating outwards, the governments of the world started to melt and converge into one universal government with one universal language. There is no more war or poverty or homelessness. There is an abundance of resources for the human population. At the highest level of civilization – we had achieved utopia.

Who Am I As My Word

There is an advice that I hold close to my heart, which is – “the path of a great performer is to know thyself.”

I am terrible at knowing myself. I make many mistakes when it comes my own life. I say what I don’t mean, and I am just bad with communicating with humans. After all, I only had books as my friends and I grew up almost like a mute. I had no one to talk to as an only child. My maid accompanied me everywhere but she hardly spoke to me. She told me to keep quiet and not ask too much questions. I could only find answers in books.

Teachers could not answer my questions. My classmates thought I was weird. In between my textbooks I would scribble poetry and stories I had invented. I spent hours in the library, consoled my sadness in the joy of reading. I could get lost in faraway worlds and places that I would never have the opportunity to go to.

In high school, my essays were passed around and read out aloud by teachers. They loved my writings. So much so they got them duplicated to be read by the teachers in the humanities department. When I dropped out of completing arts college, I buried in my old identity and renamed myself to prevent anyone from recognizing who I was. For years I kept this blog and did not wish for people to find it. I continued to write, publish and submit my essays for circulation under different pen names. I went by different names in social settings till I lost who I was. I took the most unordothox route to study business and abandoned my education in humanities to seek a different path of redemption. Maybe I am not a writer, I a business person. Maybe I am not a starving artist, but an independent artist. These conflicts plagued my soul and I was further and further away from who I was.

Still I did not know myself, and I am so afraid to say it but actually I hardly have a clue who am I. I had tried all sorts of ways to try to find out my family ancestry, travel, spend time with my grandparents. But this is something I could not get. To me, I am a shadow of myself. There is a blankness when I try to dig out who I really am. My visions turns blank and my voice is silent. In my dreams there is a shadow self that tries to kill me every night and it ends in bloodshed. Sometimes I am drowning in a deep sea with a rock tied on my ankle. Sometimes I am in a dark alley way and attacked by multiple shadows.

On sweet blissful nights I am on the beach with my lover under the stars. The waves are crashing on our feet. We are rolling in the sand, our tongues entwined. The sea sweeps us in under and we are submerged in the ocean depths. No one knows who we are. No one knows where we were. It was just the two of us in this embrace. The next moment, he is torn away from me by the forces of gravity that sinks him into the abyss. He disappears and I am left alone in this universe. I was not defined by having a lover, and having a lover did not allow me to know who I was. He had to leave me for me to discover I am whole and complete as I am.

Why am I tearing at this point? In my realisation it is true. I am born alone, and I will die alone. I will never be understood no matter how much I wanted to be understood. I will never be who I want to be, time will consume me before I could accomplish my life work. I will never know who I am. I am evolving each day and the person whom I knew I was yesterday is gone today. Like a butterfly that takes flight, I am flying without a clue of what I was in the past.

It struck me today – there is no fixed way of being. Who we are each day changes and grows and evolves as experiences colour and coats our actions and speech. Who am I today is determined by one thing only – a declaration of who I am to the world.



A question to the world 

On days that I feel lost, alone or misunderstood, I imagine what life is like in the ancient past. I imagine what my ancestral homes may look like in ancient china. How they would life out their lives in ancient times and the joys they had over the centuries that result in the conjoined fusion DNA of the me today. 

Ever so often I would imagine of the karma they had accumulated over successive generations. I would imagine the lives and influence they had over history, rise and fall of kingdoms. Were they peasants, scholars, merchants, dancers. What houses did they live in? What secrets that they had? What did they do for the society? 

Ever so often I find solace that my family has accumulated good karma over successive generations. They had contributed to schools and hospitals. They had contributed to associations. They had contributed to the needy. With that knowledge, it protects me, as I know their love for me exists as they did what they can to create a better society and reality for tomorrow with small actions they took over the centuries. 

With this knowledge I continue my small actions daily in contributing love and beauty and knowledge to the world. By writing a blog, writing my books and my videos. By meeting people, being there for others, and empowering them to take on big things in life. 

Each small action of mine multiplies outwards and reaches to the galaxies and cosmos in the ever expanding universe. I am so small, so insignificant like a speck of dust in the passing time of billions of years. Who knows if the reality we live in may be a hologram. 

On days like this I ponder and wonder and reflect if it is my last day today, what will I do today? It powers me and fuels me to live life with no abandon and to pursue life feverishly like there is no tomorrow. 

For this I write a question to the world today. If it is your last day today, have you thought about your last moments? Have you said what you wanted to say, and do what you wanted to do? Do you have profound love in your life? 

I can confidently say yes to the above questions and I have no regrets to the life I persued to the fullest. 

Debunking Business Women Myths

I will not tolerate statements such as “you are a girl so you should just marry a rich guy and you don’t need a degree.” Or “you don’t need a business degree to start your own business.” Women should be able to decide what they want for their own careers, and contrary to popular belief, a business degree or post graduate degree is needed in this modern day and age to do well in the business in the globalised interconnected cross cultural world at top level positions. And if the entrepreneur doesn’t have these qualifications, it is because they are surrounded by partners and employees who have them.

Inquiry into Real and Fake Relationships

I had been inquiring into the nature of relationships around me to subjectively observe what the nature is about. I realised that most relationships exist in name but not in realness. What I mean by realness is that we hardly meet or have one on one conversations in real life. Most relationships in my observable reality is virtual. It’s by texting mostly. It’s about following feeds or sharing images and videos. There is no realness to it except the interaction between two screens. That itself is not a “real” relationship but a perceived reality of a relationship

Even having a real life relationship does not mean there is a relationship itself. I had observed that even in a real life relationship the topics gravitate towards un-realness. It is mostly gossip, jokes and random trivia. When I read Natsuo Kirino’s novels on Groteseque and Out, there was subjective inquiry into the nature of relationships between the characters who thought they knew each other including a pair of sisterScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.20.57 ams, but in the end, they didn’t really know each other inner, private lives and secrets.

When the nature of subjectivity of what is real and fake comes into question, I realised that most people have a fixed perception of who I am, and the me they think I am is also not exactly the me I am. Hence, my identity is a flux and it changes when I go from one context to another context. From speaking to an elderly, to a young child. There is no fixed identity, but it is perceived identity of what they think I am. Inversely, my impression on others is also filtered by my past experiences. Unless I reinvent a new way of looking at the situation, the situation remains the same or is filtered through my default lenses.

In this inquiry, I realised I have relationships that exist in name but they are not in existence. For example, I had a past lover but actually the ex lover only exists in my head and not in real life. It is internal, and it is not an external thing. Externally there isn’t any lover. It is what I imagine, and if I do see him in real life, it is a projection of my thoughts onto him which isn’t exactly real either.

In this blurring line of reality and unreality, I had gained clarity on where to draw the line on certain relationships and where to stand from. In this sense, the clarity of the inquiry of relationships itself enables me to become sharper on honing down what is unsaid or said, real or not real, and what is authentic or inauthentic. I am not yet a master at this but practicing this inquiry is probably the most powerful exercise I had ever undertaken to date.

I highly recommend taking a subjective look into your life and test the waters on who is, or who isn’t there for you by simply holding an unreasonable event and see who agrees to it. Don’t be shocked at the results, they are unreal after all.

Human Relations

The key to incomes that passively generate is through actions taken to lay the foundation of a structure that creates that flow. It starts with relationships with others. Financial yields are generated by the flow of human connections. The more we invest into establishing relationships, the more flow it generates. Relationships is not limited by geographical location. Intercontinental relationships multiplies generation not only in income streams but in relationship streams. In essence, to be wealthy in life is to be wealthy in relationships.


How do differences start? It starts with us filtering the world through our eyes. There is a spectrum of colours, and on these range of colours, we experience different emotions. Underlying this active act of filtering others through our eyes on a daily basis, differences are made based on distinguishing who is right or wrong, who is this and that. The moment we start to categorize the way things are, the deception starts.

The State of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

Whatsapp and facebook is likely now sharing the same database. As long a person carries a smart phone, location and data is tracked by GPS. The information updated onto facebook, gmail or any provider is linked. Our web browsing history is also tracked by google. Hence in this interconnected world of almost no privacy, and all movements can be tracked. Our thoughts are now stored in a shared global consciousness when we update our status. In this world of Web 2.0 we experience the inter-connectivity state of convergence.
I believe in Web 3.0, virtual reality will overlap with physical reality (starting with pokemon go and google glasses) and that will be the future the next twenty years. Not only virtual reality convergence will take place, but physical reality convergence will enable us to read thoughts of other people minds without them saying a word. But by them thinking of a sentence, the thought will appear on a feed which feeds to our brains. The immortalising of global consciousness into the cloud will propel the next frontier of human knowledge. Google is now a library of knowledge database, but the next frontier would be to direct Google into our heads like the matrix.
I am really excited at the possibility of downloading information into our memory into shared memories, and the prospect of uniting humans into one world of shared inter-connectivity to end all suffering and wars.