The Vestal Virgins

During the Roman Times, a group of women were appointed the Vestal Virgins. From a tender young age of ten years old, these girls would spend the next ten years under the tutorluge of a Vestal, followed by ten years of service to protect the sacred flame in the temple, and finally, the remaining ten years of their to tutor their next protege. At any point of time, there were eighteen women in the service, and six of them attended to the flame in the temple.

They effectively gave their lives to the community to protect the flame in the temple, which was the symbol of the Roman state. The flame was not allowed to go out as it was the central place where the city drew their fire to light their houses. If the flame went out, the Vestal would be punished for her failure to conduct her duties.

The Vestals were bestowed with the honour of opening the Olympic games, ceremonies and buidlings. They had the ability to pardon prisioners and were influential in the community. They had to take a vow of chasity to be of service to the community. They were not allowed to marry till they reach forty years old and given a pension for life.

During times of political crisis, these Vestals were used as scape goats and buried alive.


In today’s society, we no longer have Vestal Virgins. The tradition of protecting the flame lives on with the Olympic flame torch bearer who opens the ceremony. The keystone of being a person who protects and stands for the community spirit is no other than the torch bearer.

I have found my vestal duties to the dance community by managing the dance social calender.

I have a vision that the world will dance together in peace and harmony.

This is the dedication of my life in service to the community.

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