The Sexualisation of Women in KPOP

After filming a re-endition of Gangnam Style using KPOP moves, I realised how heavily sexualised the dance is, and how it objectifies women into plastic surgery barbie dolls… or dancing objects I would say.

I love shopping for tech gadgets, and I love shopping for electronics. I am a geeky babe. Yes, I am. The thing that never fail to surprise me  is that on every screen I turn, I see a bunch of Korean Girls dancing away… in every LCD monitor. On closer inspection, I noticed how heavily staged their productions are, the thick make up, the extreme short skirts and long legs, the flawless skin. I could imagine them doing soft porn with some of the dance sequences. It is that… suggestive.

Picture of KPOP Sensation: SNSD, Girls Generation

Using that concept of sexual suggestiveness plus wild cutesy dancing, a blend of wildness and innocence, it is quite a lethal combination, especially to the unsuspecting male viewer. Honestly, although it is highly marketable, it is something I am quite upset knowing that our media had objectified women into superficial objects of pleasure, transforming the next generation of female teenagers into empty plastic bodies of bimboticness.

I would rather the media market someone of substance and beauty. Maybe the days are long gone with sensations like Ayumi Hamasaki and Gackt… Japanese artists I have grown up with during my teenage years in forming my own identity.

Here is my rendition of Gangnam Style .. which I am not very proud of but o well, inspired my write up for this article.

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