7 Kinds of Women I Admire

How much potential a man can release in his life, is connected with the woman he chooses as his companion. She can bring out the best or worse in him, she can help him to create a beautiful world together or if she fancies,  she can destroy him with a touch.  This is the synergistic concoction on what makes or breaks a relationship.

This piece is written in relation to the 7 Kinds of Men I Like, I figured that I have to create a list of 7 Kinds of Women I Admire. If you counted it right, all the men listed, had a woman, except one, Aizen. That is why he lost to Urahara. With a woman, he could have become a god. Too bad for his egoistical nature, lording his superiority over everyone. Straight men who do not admit they need a woman are just immature and foolish, thinking they are chauvinistic and everything. But, no, the truth is, if you want a fulfilling life with meaning, you got to find the right mate who shares these ideals with you. She will help you to become larger than life, trust me on this *winks.

Unlike men, women just have to be themselves. They have to explore their own nature, especially the depth of their emotions. A woman is guided by her emotions and intuition, which evolved from the sheer evolutionary need to protect her family. Lets explore the characteristics of the seven women that I admire greatly.

1. Eva Green as Vesper / Angelique

Eva Green is on top of the list as she is intelligent, witty, sexy, and has a hard stare that makes men cling onto their dear life if they dare, disobey her. She portrays her roles in a very thought provoking manner with a depth of emotions, that has no boundaries. A plus point is that she is a french actress. Lets look her the roles she has acted.

Vesper in Casino Royale (2008), in her corporate office attire and conversation exchange with James Bond, in the train carriage, is probably the most engaging movie dialogs of all time, with double meanings, and hidden subliminal truths.

She goes undercover as a treasurer to secure the funds for James Bond in Casino Royale. She mentally levels him into winning the tournament, even appearing in her plunging neckline dress on purpose in front of him to distract/motivate him in his game. She chides him for not wearing up to his part, by sizing him up and buying him a suit fit for a millionaire. A smart and intelligent woman, she is able to bring out the best in her man’s career with her womanly charms.

After a romantic lovely time with James Bond in Venice, she steals the tournament winnings, and uses it in exchange for his life, so that her boss, Mr White, will not kill Bond. She also knows she has to sacrifice her life for his, hence she drowns herself in a locked metal lift, and plunged it down into the depths of the river, ending her life, her love pure and true.

In her recent role as Angelique in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, she is able to give Johnny Depp aka Barnabas a hard on while burying him in a coffin, alive, with her lingerie on his mouth. She is incredibility twisted in her expression of her love (i mean, who will turn their lover into a vampire, and send all the little girls he likes in the process, off the cliff?). In the end, she dies from a broken heart, from unreciprocated love.

In her roles as Vesper / Angelique, they both do the same things – they challenge their lover to be stronger, to show them who is more capable – she or him. To prove to her his love. To join her in a force – as a partnership – to achieve something beautiful and beyond this world. This is what men crave most in a woman, for someone, to lift them up and feel like a man. She does her job perfectly as a woman – as an equal to men. She is 100% a real woman in my list.

2. Zhang Zi Yi

In the movie, House of the Flying Daggers, Zhang Zi Yi as Mei (rebel leader daughter) falls in love with the one she is supposed to kill (the police captain), her old flame finds out and is filled with jealously and hate. Her new and old lovers battle it out in a field with four seasons. She threatens to kill her old flame if he dares use his dagger to kill the new guy. He tests her love by pretending to throw a fatal shot. In bid to defect the shot towards her new lover, she removes the dagger in her chest, to save her victim’s life. She bleeds to death. Her love for her victim/lover, is now eternal.

“Can’t you see, every step I have taken, since I was a child under the bridge, was to bring myself closer to you?” Sayuri

In Memoirs of a Geisha, Sayuri (Zhang Ziyi) does everything she can to be closer to The Chairman, a man who secretly helps her to become a geisha legend, and in the process, almost losing her over to his business partner. She tries to spite his business partner into not becoming her Donna by sleeping with an Amercian Colonel, however, The Chairman saw the scene instead, and walks away. Sayuri, knowing it is no longer possible to reconcile her love with The Chairman no longer, resigns to her fate as a geisha, who needs a Donna to pay for her upkeep. However, The Chairman appears at the final scene as her Donna. Their love prevails.

Her riveting performance as Mei/Sayuri shows that a woman is able to do everything in the world, just in the name of love. Even if it means killing herself, numbing her emotions till she becomes an object of desire, or just, living each day – just waiting and waiting, she is still a believer in a love that will return back to her, even if she is dead or alive.

3. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is incredibly talented from a young age and it is apparent in all the movies she has acted in. I loved her rendition of Black Swan (2011), a ballerina who has to discover her inner demons to transcend into being who she is – black and white. For an actress to pull off this role, requires much soul searching and understanding of oneself, which is very tough and painful. It is like digging out a box of hidden dark desires and secrets in your heart, pulling it out, embracing it and becoming the darkest essence of yourself. I am quite surprised that she is able to maintain her sanity after this riveting performance. Psychological and deep, she gives it all her, and I have to give her credit for one of the best performances of all time. That is what I greatly admire in her, the strength of character as a New Yorker. The modern 21st century woman, who is able to stand on her own two feet, release. and gain inner acceptance of her fragility.

4. Angelia Jolie

Angelia Jolie gives her best definition of her love in Mr and Mrs Smith. After “killing” her husband with a lift bomb, she goes to the restaurant where they got engaged, drowning herself with a glass of champagne in tears. He appears from behind, alive, and she is glad, her expression clear to see.

I admire Angelia Jolie for her empathy with children from third world countries, although her rainbow mix of adopted children is controversial, she does philanthropy and contributes greatly to charity. She is incredibility confident in her body language in all her shows. She does not compromise herself, her poise is always calm. She speaks in a low voice, jabbing right at the heart strings. She is able to put up a fight with ease. Her aura is so magnetic, i think most men would stumble onto their knees within a few minutes of her presence. That, is femininity at its best.

5. Marion Cotillard

In Inception, she appears as the deceased wife in the dreams of the main protagonist. She haunts him, repeatedly, as a shadow, and in the process, making him compromise on his missions. In Love Me if You Dare, she dares her lover in a series of games, to prove their love for each other. She ruins his wedding, and dares him not to meet for 10 years. 10 years later, she appears out of the blue. She is with a football star, but who cares, she still loves her old flame. They dare each other to be buried in concrete. And he accepts.

Marion is able to portray a wide spectrum of emotions from extreme hate and anger, to tender love, that men can only dream about. She comes from Paris, the capital of love. No wonder her intense passion burns on screen and is felt in the hearts of the viewers. I can feel her pain, and it softens me to see her cry. In the ending scene of Batman Rises, she, as the daughter of Talia al Ghul, finishes her mission as her last filial act to her father. Her emotions are so true, and I remember her scenes with perfect memory.

6. Yoruichi from Bleach (comic)

Yoruichi from Bleach

She is a descendant of the one of the four noble families in Soul Society. She does not want others to call her a princess, and she hangs out with other nobles and peasants, she does not care about social divides. She treats everyone equally.

She helps Ichigo discover his Bankai (bringing out the best in people). She trains his friends to become stronger. She is a mother figure with a hot body, and has a streak for randomly appearing nude in front of Ichigo (14 years old) in the most unlikely of circumstances to tease him.

The most attractive attribute she has is that she is able to SAVE other people. She is no damsel in distress, she is the Flash Goddess. She saved Urahara and Tessai before they were imprisoned. And single handedly carried the bodies of 7 Vizards and the necessary equipment to reverse the effects of the experiment. She is just. wow, inhuman. That is why she is in fiction and I totally admire her guts.

7. Priscilla Chan (Mark Zuckerberg’s Wife)

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg

Although not much is known about her, without her, I don’t think there will be a Facebook. Thanks to Priscilla Chan, the silent motivation and encouragement, Mark had to do what he had to do, to appease her. This is all based on my suspicion and hypothesis. Mark is the youngest billionaire on earth, and I don’t think it is all possible without someone as solid as the woman he is with. The plus point is that she is a Chinese girl. He definitely made the right choice in his mate.

AVERRAL writes under pen name Scarlet Risqué. She stars in Scarlet Queen YouTube with over a million views. She holds a degree in business. The RED HOURGLASS is ranked Top 50 Espionage Thriller on Amazon. She is currently writing the sequels to the Hourglass Series. Grab a free copy of her novel now RED HOURGLASS on Amazon
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