About Anxiety

Anxiety is what every person faces. It can come unexpectedly when we feel vunerable, frightened or afraid. It can also become a problem for those of us who have past unsolved issues. It comes in the form of memories, nightmares or even jerking unexpectedly.

It is real and it often comes with depression. They usually come hand in hand together, you suddenly feel like doing nothing, just staring into space, doing redundant things, or just escaping from the world. I do know a couple of friends who are experiencing this but they do not want to admit it so as they feel that they do not have a problem, but to a observer’s eye – they do have an issue.

I am not depressed in any way but i do have to admit i feel anxiety because of my hyper sensitivity, which can be a good or bad thing. I can feel a person walking behind me a mile away, so i am very careful when I go back home at night. What I would advise girls to do is to form an imaginary shield, a white bubble covering your body and use it for protection – when I am afraid I conquer up the shield and I will feel safe almost instantly. It works in a metaphysical matter, you might think it is rubbish but that is how prayer works – on a level that we cannot see physically.

Another thing I would advise people who are in a position of anxiety (like being in an unfamiliar environment, work stress etc) is to take a few deep breaths and relax your body. When you are anxious, your body reaction is to become tense. Notice your hands the next time you are anxious, you will realise they are very stiff. You have to let go and relax, you will feel much better after that. By doing so, you will aid your blood flow from your heart to the cells in your body. The reason why people suffer from high blood pressure is because they do not know how to relax when needed. By being extremely tensed and stressed all the time, it restricts blood flow to other parts of the body, which might be detrimental over time.

In the modern context of today, we live in a very high paced society. Everything is happening so fast that even the way we walk is faster! Notice the people rushing to get abroad trains and to their destinations. Sometimes you have to spend a bit of time in a cafe and watch these people rushing aimlessly. You will start to realise alot of things about life – and see yourself in their shoes. Learn to slow down and take things at a time. There is no point rushing, there is always time. Even if you do not complete it in this time, there will always be a future (if you believe in recarnation).

Enjoy what you have now and be grateful for it.

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