Bloggers Event – Revlon Launch

Aaron of EastWest PR invited me for a Revlon‘s Colourstay Mineral Collection yesterday at Botanical Gardens.

Present: Sabrina, Jessica, Peggy, Esther, Fidelis, Nadia, Marina, Feliza
(spot the reporters name tags next to ours!)

Revlon event 130608
Feliza Ong is one hot babe to look out for.

Sabrina and I talking to Art Miller, the big guy.

Makeup frenzy!!! Esther getting her makeup done by Andy Lee, celebrity makeup artist.

Sabrina looking pretty pretty, Nadia and Jessica being happy.

Jessica and I, (omg i look so ugly in normal photos!! dam the eyebags x_X)

Fidelis and Esther

Peggy and her make up…

We had a great time :)

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  1. Hi Averal,

    It was a joy and pleasure to have met you on Friday :-) You were really nice and sweet and lovely to talk to :-)

    Do hope to bump into you again.

    (by the way, sorry but my url link doesnt seem right 😛 )


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