Two Distinct States

I learned not to relate to someone with what they say, but by their intention and invention of what they want to be.

There are two distinct states, no one means what they say most of the time unless they are consciously creating their reality.

Most people are unconscious.

Transformation – It is all invented

I had been reading content on transformation. That transformation is a new way of being. By shifting the context, new actions and new possibilities arise. A declaration I would like to undertake is to be a world renown author. In my invention of this new possibility, is to take new actions to make AAEAAQAAAAAAAAK9AAAAJGM0NzM3NDg5LTEwOTgtNDA3Zi05OTIxLTc4M2YzMDdlMGYyMwit happen. It means publishing more books, going to more events, talking to more people in the industry. I would undertake this project from March onwards. I will reach this milestone by 2020.

It has dawned on me most of what we do does not really matter. No matter how much wealth, fame, and resources I could possibility accumulate in my lifetime, it would be the quality of relationships around me that is most important. My books would be read and enjoyed by millions of readers around the world. That what people on their deathbeds regret most is not to pursue their passions and dreams, and invest in their friendships.

I realised at this point I had been working so hard on my business that I am losing sight of what I am really passionate, which is writing, dancing and acting. I dread the start of any creative endeavor, there is a resistance that seeps in and prevents me from taking the first step in the heavy rain. Once overcoming the resistance, it becomes fun and I flow into the joy of creation. Of course, the next day the resistance comes back again and I am banging my head against the wall. But I know by doing this daily, I am evolving and breaking out of my old self to my new invented self of who I aspire to be. Soon, my creations will be enjoyed by the world as it’s beauty takes flight.

Joining The Swans – Day 12 of 90 Day Novel by Alan Watts

I am writing the Purple Python, the third book in the Hourglass Series using the tried and tested 90 Day novel by Alan Watts. It has worked magic, and when I read the guide; I get new ideas, new discoveries and new questions that my subconscious wants to emerge on page.

On Day 12 of the 90 Day Novel, it is about Freedom.

“The swan still wants to belong, but it is only in recognizing the impossibility of ever belonging with the ducks that she can find the other swans. Freedom might be the willingness to choose one’s dreams over some idea of security.”

Then a revelation hit me – I am joining the swans! I don’t have to fit into any organisation, or be anything or prove anything to anyone or a group of people. I just have to be me and find my own tribe of independent writers and artists who are out there creating art for the stake of creation and advancing the consciousness of humanity.

It would be nice to feel belonged to an organisation or group of people, but it is not necessary if their ideals don’t fit with mine, and I can’t fit in no matter how hard I try. All I have to do is surrender to the fact that I am just not suited for a hierarchical organisation as it stifles my creativity. Maybe even getting an agent or publishing house for my series is a bad idea as I am doing a fairly okay job being an indie. All I have to do is create and create and create and eventually the readership will come, and my words will resonate with those who feel the same way about life.

I am happy with my results at the end of 2016: 2 million videos on YouTube for the Scarlet Queen Channel with 48 videos released, publication of Blue Orca and The Chase, increase in revenue for my business, and spending lots of quality time with family and friends especially my grandparents.

The cities I had visited this year: Hong Kong, Bangkok, Macau, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto. Met and interacted with amazing people from around the world. Attended the Thrillerfest in New York and met great writers like Heather Graham and Lee Child upclose. Set up monthly donations to good causes.

My calendar is fully packed for 2017 and I look forward to visiting more cities, more seminars, more books, more writing, more revenue, and more connections with people. My patreon minions makes it possible for my artistry to continue, and the Scarlet Queen Channel wouldn’t be possible without their generosity and support. More to come in 2017!

Beautiful Now

A noticeable result since starting on the introduction leaders program to landmark forum in June is that I no longer experience mood swings or stress. I gained clarity over my life and am able to presence myself into the present. My productivity has increased tremendously, I am writing a lot more. My self mastery is beginning to take form. It is by far the most powerful program I had undertaken to date.

When I consume media such as Beautiful Now, Cloud Atlas, movies, or books, I gain much more insights than I used to. I had delved deep into the nature of relationships around my community and gained an access to speaking to people in a way that inspires them to take action. I overcame my fear of abandonment and focused on what I have instead of what I don’t have.

I began to understand even sharing my results is futile, what is important is for others to discover themselves by their own initiative. Be it reading books, attending talks or meeting friends, there are many paths to the journey and having a combination of pathways is neither right or wrong, it is what it is. It is a choice.

The Future Now

“The future now occurs in language.” Landmark Insights

I have created a clearing for the trip of my lifetime to get an agent for my book. It had ran/avoided this purpose due to an incident that was stopping me from crossing this threshold point. Now, I had been freed of this limitation.

In the future now, I am inventing the possibility of becoming a world renowned author. This is my invention since I had started on the Leadership Program. I will continue to get coaching for my lifetime. Learning is a never ending journey.

I have created a space during the past few weeks by delivering undelivered correspondence. This clearing has freed me up to a new realm of being authentic. The conversations amongst my family and friends has deepened in a profound way.

On a daily basis, I am moved to tears, or moved into action. I am living each day like my last, and in the process of which I am speeding up in my tasks and execution speed. More is done in a less period of time. My calendar is full. My daily life is well spent. Not a minute is lost or gained. It’s only the future now that exists and this is all it matters.

From my conversations with people, I can now identify what they are “avoiding”. In this sense, I am able to find the root of their suffering and ease them into releasing the pain. Sometimes all it takes to save a life is a phone call, or a message, “Hi, how are you?”. It could mean the difference between life and death.

Sometimes we are unaware of the power of language we have over others in their decisions in their lives. I am, myself responsible for the damages I had done on others in the past due to my inability to control my language by hurling hurtful words in the heat of anger. Now, I have more control to repair and mend those broken relationships by reconciling that it was unintentional and I still love them.

Last week, I mended a relationship with my girlfriend after we had an argument. For one year, we did not talk. I terribly missed her. I called to say, “I am sorry.” Our friendship is now back in existence. What is the price of that? It’s priceless to have a friend.

The access and tools we have to life is the generative power of language, in this sense, Landmark enables us to get to the root of the language and recreate the future now.





Finding Authenticity In Breakthroughs 

I had been using a series of concepts in my daily life to attain breakthroughs my performance, in fact this is the topic I heavily research about because I believe it isn’t about putting more hours in one task but reinventing a new way of doing the same thing at the fraction of the time spent. Also, to cut the chase and get down to the bottom line so that things get done in the way that I would like the outcome to be. 

Misinterpretations and miscommunications are the breakdowns that happen on route to authenticity and integrity. I believe by communicating our messages in a clearer way it enables us to achieve a breakthrough result itself. I have been working on this aspect in my daily life but my mood swings get in the way of being 100% effective. I believe top performers in any field have this ability not to be affected by their moods or “what happens” in relation to their work. They could go to the hospital to visit a sick relative and go back to work in an hour and still perform at their peak. 

For myself I still get a little affected by the previous event (getting moody) in relation to the next event and it affects my performance. To get full performance in my work I have to be fully concentrated and not be disturbed by external events or stimuli. But the question now is that we can’t control external events, so how do I internalize my thoughts in a way I can keep my game intact? 

The power of the mind over matter is what keeps me up thinking how can I challenge myself to the next frontier to achieve that breakthrough of being present to the task at hand. This is still a limitation but it’s rather crucial I have to get over this if I ever want to finish my novel series.  

This is the task I have set up for myself in the next few months in Landmark Leadership Program. I will record my observations and results on this blog as I go along. 

Results are Unreal

Jean Grey in X-Men (2006)

Jean Grey in X-Men (2006)

Since letting go of attachment to results, I had been freed into another realm of possibility. Rejection means nothing to me now, there is no anger. There is no rage. There is nothingness. The internal dialogue has ceased to control my actions. Now, my vision is crystal clear. I was watching a documentary yesterday about who we are more likely to help – a successful young woman or a middle age biker. I felt more drawn to the biker although majority of people would choose the former. It seems that all these statistical tests and “norm” behaviour does not apply to me now. The power of the Landmark Advanced Course is finally sinking down after a few weeks.

It is insane how much we are conditioned and controlled by our contexts. Breaking out is the key to true freedom and power. I have always wanted to break out and reach my fullest potential as a human being to be fully expressive and excel in all that I do. Now, tasks are completed at the fraction of the time, my energy level is doubled and all tasks now have equal importance and my results are as such – increase in 55% of sales. My relationships have hit a new frontier after being present for people and listening to what they truly need. Now, I reject what I do not want. I choose my seats in the restaurant instead of someone else choosing it for me. Once I issue a request, the universe replies me with what I need. I have finally understood what it meant by “when one finger moves, the universe bends to it’s will.”

Watching the latest X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) was a brand new occurrence to me. I found myself in Jean Grey’s shoes. It is the best movie I had watched in many years after X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). Wow, it has been almost a decade since I had been mind blown and forced to re-evaluate my life after watching a movie.  I believe that the human potential is largely untapped and with the right guidance, we can finally unleash the hidden powers within us. Usually in the moments of crisis, mutants mutate and discover the extent of their powers. Under normal circumstances, we will continue to live ordinary lives with no impact to the world till we discover the answer within us.

Humans do have the ability to mutate under certain conditions. I believe that mutation is part of evolution for the survival of a species. In biological terms, if the mutation is advantageous to the species (such as fishes developing a certain colour that predators are unable to detect), the mutation will eventually take over the entire colony and the species will evolve to be in that undetectable colour.

I believe the next evolution of humans is the function of tapping into untapped potential of the mind. In the book The Effective Executive by Peter F. Drucker, he predicts that eventually manual jobs would be automated by the functions of an executive. In theory, one executive could perform the jobs of 200 men through the usage of technology. The battlefield of the corporate world will no longer lie with whose company is bigger or have more financial or government backing. Eventually, the function of small lean start ups will take over big dinosaurs and evolve at at faster speed. We are already witnessing this by the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Tesla. Whatsapp was a two man operation till they sold at the billions.

Power lies fundamentally within each one of us to create the next evolution, to change the world to end suffering. Impact starts with the movement of one finger, to one small action, to ripple effect throughout society. I will never stop writing, for this is my power. The power of language is the most powerful tool in the world. We invent the world we live in by the language we use. I am now committed to mastering my identity, reality and language to move to the next frontier. Bring it on!

The extent of Jean Grey’s Powers in X Men – The Last Stand

Change Starts Now

Ten emails later, I finScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.28.29 pmally got a reply on where I could volunteer to read books to children. I hope to develop my story telling skills and aid them in cultivating a love of the English language. I realised that time is short in supply, out of all things in the world. Time keeps moving, it does not stop for anyone.

According to Landmark Insights, “It’s language—what we say (with and about others, ourselves, and the world at large) that constitutes who we are.”

If I could inspire others to master language, they would eventually gain mastery over their lives and identity. I believe the key to change in this world starts with the usage of language. When we remove the word “suffering” out of our vocabulary, suffering will no longer exist for anyone.

Attending Lee Child’s lecture at ITW Online Thriller School gave me a revelation into the art of storytelling. The act of writing is actually speaking. We are speaking as we write, and we write as we speak. The most natural, human way of listening to a story is auditory. Anyone who can speak, can write. The change starts with the usage of language, the rewriting of policies, the recreation of society by each small action we take.

My small action now starts with reading stories to children to inspire them to become the next generation of storytellers to “remove” suffering in this world.

Landmark Forum Advanced Course Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.54.47 pm

I attended the Landmark Advanced Course over this weekend and I must say, it has exceeded all the expectations I had written down before my enrollment. I wanted the ability to influence the people around me. For the longest period of time, I did not know how. I watched people suffer, I watched my friends cry, I watched my family needing help and I did not know what to say, and when I wanted to say something, I hold back and run away and hide in a little corner to read books or surf Facebook.

I let the world go by without knowing what I can do. I blamed it on my age, that I was too young, I can’t tell older people what to do, they won’t listen to me. I blamed it on my circumstances, that I am female, asian and expected to do all these traditional chinese roles of what a daughter is expected and respect the elders. I blamed it on many things, on my country, my school, my who and who and who. But I didn’t realised, it wasn’t about blaming. It was about taking responsibility for what I want to be. Full 100% responsibility for what I want to see in this world.

When I start to tell others what to do so they would finally stop suffering, they would tell me I don’t know any better. That they are in dire circumstances. My friend is in debt for failure of his business. Some of my family members don’t talk to one another because of something that happened. Some of my friends are expecting harsh breakups, or just simply not doing well at work. I felt helpless to do anything but watch. Like a television show, I watched the world go by around me without the ability to be part of it. I ignored the problems and just focused on working, and writing my books, hoping by writing out my pain, the suffering will stop for myself and others.

This was the me before I did the Landmark Forum Advanced Course.

What is real only occurs in language. The power of language is that we have the ability to distinguish what happened, our stories and the meaning we attached to it. We have the power to reinvent the possibility of creating an entire new reality. It all starts with the words we use not only to describe ourselves, but others.

On Monday, I gained access to the power of language by issuing requests to my family and friends to stop suffering and take action. This I know, is unreasonable. I should just watch them suffer like a sadist. But no. Honestly. I am sick of watching people suffer. It makes me sick, it makes me hide and it impacts me negatively so much I don’t even watch the news. I refuse to know what is happening so I don’t have to deal with it. But by doing that, I am making myself smaller and smaller, like a helpless being. Like a slave to the universe. I am no slave. I am a master. A master of reality.

A writer is the master of reality itself.

I started to write my life by changing the language I use on others to redesign my reality.

As of today, four days after the seminar, my results are:

  1. I got my parents to explore the possibility of an extraordinary relationship for their retirement years
  2. I reestablished my friendship with my worst enemy and best friend after 1 1/2 years of fighting, through a ten minute conversation
  3. I got my friend who is experiencing a break up to tear his name card so I can give him a hug, and he can reach out to others
  4. I got another friend to pour all his thoughts into a glass and pour it all out into the abyss, so he can finally be freed from his suffering. He messaged me and told me he passed his driving test after failing seven times.
  5. I got half the group in the seminar of 83 people to stand up to commit to creating change and possibilities for others in their lives to end suffering
  6. I empowered my group to do the same of what I am doing, in their lives by directly being accountable for my words with full integrity
  7. I rediscovered my assistant in a totally new way that I admire and respect her greatly as a person of high integrity
  8. I started to issue requests without attaching the meaning to failure, and let go of the fear of failure itself. Rejection means nothing to me now
  9. I gained a new access to the power of language. New realities are invented as I speak.
  10. There are so much undiscovered possibilities that my actions make in the sea of possibilities, I can be free of any attachment or disappointment as long I keep doing what I want to do and see for this world, which is to end suffering.

and much more undiscovered possibilities now present to me.

The Landmark Forum is truly profound. I had signed up for the Leadership Course and committed another six months to mastering my identity, language and reality.

Do not believe anything written about the Landmark Forum, including what I just wrote. This is my journey and each person journey is unique. You have to experience this for yourself.

This course exceeds the experience of Space Travel.

I would put the Advanced Course as the number one adventure I had experienced in my lifetime (ahead of my backpacking trip in Greece).

My possibilities are your possibilities, enroll yourself in the Landmark Forum and go past the next frontier of performance for yourself and others.

You may be the next cause of change in this world.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.59.34 pm


This post is not affiliated nor sponsored by Landmark Forum.

Blue Ocra Novel Progression

LOVE New York

L O V E in New York!

I am progressing well these few weeks on writing the sequel that it is consuming most of my mental energy. I hardly could do anything else except focus, watch videos and do research. I am almost like a scientist holed up in a cubicle at this point, except that my specimens are humans.

When I was a child I used to think that one day I would grow up to be a writer of fiction as I loved reading and spent most of my childhood reading in the library and bookstores. It’s great that I am pursuing this full time at the moment as it was once a far away dream, and now I am actually an author!

I am averaging about 700 – 1300 words a day on average, and I spend about four hours a day writing, and the remaining time reading and doing research. I still have my dance itch and I had been going to the gym regularly as a way to detox from the mental process. After a few months of cross fit training, I think I am rather fit right now with defined lines appearing on skin. Not a bad thing for an author to have the body a dancer.

The problem with writing a novel is that everything else “worldly” seems trivia. It’s like everything I am doing right now is meaningless in the bigger scale of things, putting into perspective that the earth is billions of years old and we humans live only for about 80 years in the grand scale of the universe. It seems that even writing a book, out of hundreds of thousands of books being published each year, is just a book among millions of books.

I think it requires us to go beyond ourselves and start thinking about the wider implications and community than our individualistic needs to see the big picture of what is really happening and how it affects us daily. When I use this perspective of looking at the bigger picture and transforming it to something better instead of focusing on instant gratification (fame, money etc), I feel quite powerful. With this new perspective, I think I had regained clarity on what is really happening vs what I think is happening.

Back to writing… here is my video list research for the novel consisting on a very interesting video I found about elite female bodyguards.