About Me

  • Started dancing at 12 years old, competed and performed at the national level for para para dance in solo and team categories. She won the Para Babe championship title and was placed semi finalist on Channel U. She founded dance team Chaos in Paradise and was placed first and runner up in various competitions around Singapore.
  • First lead actress role in high school, performed at Victoria Theater. Followed by Shakespeare Othello as Desdemona in college.
  • Guild leader and officer of top ranked MMORPG guilds in Ragnarok, Renewal, and World of Warcraft
  • Started eCommerce business while studying at Monash College.
  • Graduated with a Bachelors in Business (Marketing/Management) from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and established a revenue generating business.
  • Created a YouTube Channel, The Scarlet Queen, a solo production with over 3 million views to date.
  • Published two spy novels, Red Hourglass and Blue Orca. Purple Python to be released 30th October 2017.
  • Plans to turn The Scarlet Queen into a movie format by filming a 20 min short film to pitch to a studio to raise funding for a feature length film.
  • Active presence in social dance scene and contributor to www.salsasg.com



I am a fragment of your imagination run wild…
My greatest joys are – writing, dance and 
In my world of masquerades, poker and love.

I live in two worlds – one in my imagination and one in reality. I create worlds like no other, in my pursuit for perfection and control. I am obsessive about the things I do, possessive over the ones that are dear to me… and recessive when I lose control.

You can call me disillusioned. You can call me crazy.
I believe I am an artist with a poetic soul.

In my dreams I am dancing, on the dance floor with my lover
In my reality, I am writing and creating.

The world is only real to me on the dance floor.
The real world, is unreal.




Completed Poetry Projects
The Little Black Book of morbid poetry (Written in Melbourne, Australia 2009)
The Torment
(Poetry + Photoshoot)

*Ongoing Flash Fiction and Poetry
Flash Fiction
(Latest Prose & Poetry)

The Scarlet Queen as Cheryl and Risque in Scarlet Queen YouTube


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